Thesis Assist

Thesis Assist
I have assisted in the development of a Thesis project. The thesis project belongs to Madeline Rabil and the progress of her work can be followed here at

Project Description :
The purpose of this thesis project is to create a Stand-­‐Alone Game Environment using modular building techniques that meet and or exceed current industry standard. The environment itself is of a worn down train station and boarding zone set in the heart of a once buzzing commerce district of a now aging city. Decaying apartments and barely-­‐in-­‐business shops surrounds the barely functioning train station. Overall plays can expect to experience a well though out and stylized custom game environment that takes place in a unique urban setting. I will be using a variety of programs including Maya, Photoshop, crazy bump, Zbrush, to create and texture the assets which will then be brought into UDK.

About The Client:
Name: Madeleine Rabil
Year: 4th Year
Major: 3D Digital Graphics
Area of Expertise: Games and Design

My Understanding:
This project interests me because I can be work on a well constructed level by doing similar work I may find out in the industry. I can practice the skills needed to provide assets to a game level. I hope to learn the most efficient ways to producing assets for a game. Having a strong skills in using udk material editor I may be able to add ideas to help her textures do justice the the impressive level she built.


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