Freedom, Ambition, and Determination

I had the great pleasure of having THE college experience. Now I only say that cause I feel like many people go and don't get that. I learned far more than the classrooms, teachers, and studying ever taught me and the more and more I think about it, I have changed for the better. I walked into college with excitement and extreme hesitation where I wanted to step. What should I do, how hard should I work, what friends do i make, should I indulge myself in every experience now that I am free from my parents. I was yanked loose by a dorm floor of legendary proportions.

I felt peer pressure about doing every little thing something I chose to do and some I did not, but the ending result was just what I needed. I was loose and engaging of all of the things presented to me. I no longer hesitated in doing or not doing something and became stalwart in my actions. This was important foe the next 4 years of my life. I was able to get what I believed to be the college experience because I was open to everything around me at such a crazy diverse school. I learned things that I can apply beyond college and put into my work. I am very grateful for that.

Now that I have finished my college career I am ready to push my art to the limits. Ill start by posting my thesis project from my last quarter at rit. Even though this is the last thing I have done, I know I am capable of far more. I see that the quality is all over the place and I know what I could have done to improve.



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